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Paid Summer Student Intern Program - City & County of San Francisco

posted Jan 24, 2012, 7:43 PM by Urban Planning Coalition SJSU

Paid summer internships with multiple departments at the City and
County of San Francisco.

For details, see http://www.sfstudentintern.org/

Note Feb. 15 application deadline.

The City and County of San Francisco is seeking student interns for various architecture/engineering disciplines, to provide support to in-house Engineering · Architecture · Landscape Architecture · Planning · Surveying · GIS staff. The City Departments that employ interns are the Airport Commission (SFO), Department of Building Inspection (DBI), MTA Municipal Railway (Muni), MTA Department of Parking and Traffic (DPT), Port of San Francisco (Port), Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Department of Public Works (DPW), and Recreation and Park Department (RPD). Interns will gain on-the-job experience under the guidance of experienced professional engineers, architects, planners and surveyors. Interns will participate in various activities in the respective City Departments.

Positions may be available in the following areas:

  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science/Information Services
  • Construction Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental/Sanitary Engineering
  • Geographic Information System 
  • Hydraulics Landscape Architecture 
  • Mechanical Engineering Planning 
  • Project Management Structural 
  • Engineering Surveying 
  • Traffic/Transportation Engineering 
  • Traffic/Transportation Planning 
  • Utilities Engineering Water Resources
Starting Salary: Class 5380 - $1,857 (Bi-weekly)

Minimum qualifications

At the time of filing, the applicant must be in a Engineering • Architecture • Landscape Architecture • Planning • Surveying • IT/GIS Program or related field at a Community College or University. An applicant can be employed up to six (6) months after graduation, otherwise, the applicant must be returning to their undergraduate program or entering into or returning to a graduate program in Fall 2012. You must be a US Citizen or have an alien registration (green) card, or a foreign student with legal work permit prior to filing of application.

How to apply

Submit a cover letter (limited to 1 page), briefly addressing your interest in Engineering · Architecture · Landscape Architecture · Planning · Surveying · IT/GIS discipline area(s) and career goals, a current resume, the Summer Student Intern Application (on-line) and your current college transcript. Copies of transcripts will be accepted. If transcripts are being sent under separately, make sure to include your name and ID number. Failure to submit a copy of college transcripts with cover letter and resume may result in rejection of application. Submission date for college transcripts may be extended if it is impossible to obtain them by the deadline date. Applicants must submit a signed statement explaining why transcripts cannot be obtained by the deadline. Extension requests will be granted on a case-by-case basis. It is the applicant’s sole responsibility that all application materials and support documentation be received in a complete and legible form.

Apply here: http://www.sfstudentintern.org/