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Tong (John) Tu, Speaker Series Chair

John was born and raised in the sunny but smoggy San Gabriel Valley in Southern California.  He earned a bachelor in Political Science and Asian American Studies from UC Davis and a minor in Communication.  He specializes in the use of Geographic Information Systems in planning with an emphasis on Community Development.

Prior to moving to San Jose, he was a Program Coordinator at the Asian Youth Center, where he worked with at-risk and probation juveniles. In addition, he was as an Independent Living Trainer for foster youth for the Pasadena City College Community Education Center.  Currently he is working as an intern for the Director of Planning at City of San Jose, where he is working on creating a monitoring guide for the City’s General Plan.

John's other interests include freelance photography of candid city moments and of anything that intrigues him. He has a passion for outdoor activities including hiking and visiting unique ethnic communities. His motto is “if the stomach is knocking, than answer the door” and he enjoys trying different foods, believing that good food can be found anywhere and best enjoyed with good company and great conversations.  He has also been known for his ability to strike up a conversation about the most random of facts and ideas.