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Julie Huang, Social Chair

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Julie grew up with a fascination and love for cities early on. Dipping her toes in architecture, civil engineering, and urban planning studies during her freshman and sophomore years at the University of California, Irvine, she finally decided to dive fully into urban planning at the beginning of her junior year. Within two months of interning at a development firm, Julie knew that she would become a future planner and perhaps a city manager one day. In June 2010, she graduated with a Bachelor's of Art in Economics and a Minor Degree in Urban and Regional Planning. Now at San Jose State University, her specific interests and studies in urban planning lie in transportation and transportation-related development. In June 2012, she started as a programs and allocations intern at the Metropolitan Commission of Transportation. Some fun facts about Julie: she loves art, painting, interior decorating, planning events, eating, and making up theories about life. If you ever stumbled into her, you'd probably find her at museums, books stores, yummy brunch restaurants, or at the beach.