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Melissa Ruhl

Melissa is a graduate student in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and works as a Food Systems Planning Intern for Garden to Table Silicon Valley. She studied philosophy as an undergraduate at the University of Oregon, graduating cum laude with Phi Beta Kappa and departmental honors. Also from the University of Oregon, she earned her MA in history with double fellowships, having earned the Oregon Heritage Fellowship, a statewide competitive grant, and a Graduate Teaching Fellowship, a part-time teaching position that covered tuition and provided a monthly stipend with benefits.

Melissa is enthusiastic about exploring the Bay Area and putting her planning passions to use. Among her favorite planning focuses are land use planning, urban agriculture, emerging transportation technologies, walkable and "sit-able" communities, and homelessness and equity.

Melissa can be reached at melissaruhl@gmail.com, (541) 232-2936, or through her website www.melissaruhl.org.