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Kieulan Pham, Newsletter Editor

Kieulan Pham is in her third semester as a graduate student in the Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning program. Her concentration is GIS  and design applications (AutoCAD, Adobe CS) and sustainable water resources. She has a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo with a LEED specialty Building Design and Construction accreditation. At SJSU, she plans to pursue environmental planning with an emphasis in watershed management, water reclamation (recycled water), grey-water and low impact developments (storm water management).

Currently, she is an intern for the City of Sunnyvale Parks and Golf department. Her main project is to create a park systems program facilitating best management practices for redesigning and maintaining the 20+ parks throughout the Sunnyvale community.

Her interests include: designing sustainably, working on neighborhood projects, free-writing, learning Vietnamese, and learning something new everyday. A quirky fact about Kieulan is her love for California native plants...with soft and fuzzy textured leaves, especially the Stachy Byzantina, or Lamb's ear.

As newsletter editor, her goal is to recap past events in the Urban and Regional Planning Department and the professional field of planning as well as update the students, faculty and interested individuals on future seminars and activities throughout the semester. 

Please feel free to contact her at kpham120@gmail.com for questions about UPC, the Urban and Regional Planning Dept. or anything about current & future water and design projects in the San Jose community.