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Nick Stewart

Nicholas (Nick) is a second year graduate student with an overpowering love of public transit. His primary interest is Bus Rapid Transit, Streetcars, and High-Speed Rail. As someone who always loved maps, it's not surprising that he also enjoys GIS.

Nick comes to planning with an educational background in History and International Relations. Originally from Santa Barbara, Ca, he transferred to San Francisco State to finish his BA in History, with a primary emphasis in American Political and Diplomatic History, and secondary fields in European International and Latin American History. After graduation, Nick worked as a substitute teacher while contemplating his options. During this time he also began graduate coursework in National Security Studies. After realizing that his career interests had shifted away from teaching and towards planning, he undertook studies in GIS at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, Ca, which included an internship doing GIS work for the City of Chula Vista.

Nick currently works as the manager of his apartment complex in Alameda. In addition, after a decade-long volunteer career with Western Collegiate Modern United Nations, he was elected to serve as President of the Board of Directors of that organization.

He is currently working as a Graduate Research Assistant with the Mineta Transportation Institute.

Although he is uncertain what his Planning Report topic will be, he's trying his hardest to come up with a BRT, Streetcar, or HSR related topic that will allow him to nerd-out sufficiently.