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Past Board Members

2013-2014 Executive Board

President -- Lola Torney
Vice President -- Adam Paranial
Treasurer -- Audrey Shiramizu
APA Representative -- Amanda Becker
ULI Representative -- Danielle Greene
Co-Speaker Series Coordinator -- JEmma Reed
Co- Speaker Series Coordinator -- Nick Steward
Alumni Liaison -- Alvin Jen
Webmaster -- Melissa Ruhl
Social Chair -- Marco Arguelles
Newsletter Editor -- Mark Young

2012-2013 Executive Board

President -- Jason Su
Vice President -- Meghan Hade
Secretary-- Aliza Paz
Co-Treasurer -- Maria Javier
Co-Treasurer -- Emma Reed
APA Representative -- Veronica Flores
ULI Representative -- Rebecca Walters
Speaker Series Coordinator -- John Tu
Co- Speaker Series Coordinator -- Danielle Greene
Alumni Liaison -- Caitlin Campbell
Webmaster -- Jessica Setiawan
Social Chair -- Julie Huang
Newsletter Editor -- Sean Mullin

2011-2012 Executive Board

   President -- Johnasies McGraw
   Vice President | ULI Representative -- Sara Billing
   Treasurer -- Thanh Do
   APA Representative -- David Keyon
   Co-Speaker Series Coordinator -- Maria Candida Langbauer 
   Co-Speaker Series Coordinator -- John Tu
   Alumni Liasion -- Jonathan Kibrick
   Secretary/Webmaster -- Jason Su
   Social Chair -- Laura Williams
   Newsletter Editor -- Kieulan Pham

APA Student Representative (2009-10)

Justin Meek
Class of Spring 2010

Hometown: Northridge, California

Specialization: GIS

Undergraduate Degree/College: B.S. in Earth Sciences and B.A. in Environmental Studies (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Special Interests: Cooking, soccer, hiking, and all kinds of outdoor activities.

Recommended Course: URBP 278-279 provide a great foundation in the application of GIS in urban planning.

Favorite CityCadiz, Spain

Favorite Urban Planning Theorist: Bruce Babcock's book The Zoning Game is one of the best discussions of land use planning and zoning.