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Maria Candida Langbauer, Speaker Series Coordinator

Born and raised in the Brazilian Highlands of Minas Gerais, Maria Candida grew up
visiting rivers and the natural environments around the colonial city that is her hometown
of Ouro Preto. Ouro Preto's colonial and natural preservation began what has become
a passion for tourism and cultural exchange. Maria Candida has a Bachelor or Arts of
Tourism Studies from Brazil. Currently, he is working on her Masters of Urban and
Regional Planning at San Jose State University. Her areas of interest are economic
development, transportation and environmental planning.

Prior to entering the Urban and Regional Planning program, Maria Candida Langbauer
worked throughout Latin America in traditional and adventure travel projects. Currently
working as a volunteer coordinator at CommUniverCity, Maria has worked as an intern
for the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, Sierra Club, and Our City Forest.