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UPC Executive Board Application

Download and fill out the application at the bottom of the page to apply for open UPC Executive Board positions.
Open Positions:
1. Secretary
The Secretary assists with all administrative duties for the Urban Planning Coalition. Tasks include database management, retrieve archive files, maintain the UPC’s organization, and act as one of the student body liaisons between the SJSU Associated Students and the UPC.
• Attending UPC meetings.
• Maintain organization’s print and online database
• Update the Google calendar with community and UPC events
• Record minutes of UPC meetings
• Keep track of the campus mailbox
• Collect all agenda items and minutes
• Provide administrative support to the board
• Finding a replacement Secretary at the end of their service
2. Co-Speaker Series Coordinator
• Attend UPC meetings on weekends, usually once per month for two hours
• Contact potential speakers
• Plan and coordinate the annual UPC Symposium
• Market events
• Work with the other Speaker Series Coordinator and other UPC Board members to organize lecture events for Spring 2012
• Manage event/lecture logistics
• Help to find a replacement for UPC Speaker Series Coordinator for Fall 2012
Urban Planning Coalition SJSU,
Aug 21, 2012, 11:01 AM